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Come collaborate with us!

Big or small there's always room for more hands.

Maybe it's a significant endeavour in which both sides to undertake. Or it's just a simple shout out. If you have any proposals or see anything that strikes your fancy, let us know via the form below. It doesn't have to be for money (e.g. small or mutual effort), or you might even want something from us. Be creative! We've done our best below and will continue to update our list of ideas. If you've somehow landed here looking for a developer job, feel free to fill out the form anyways (we added options for that as well) and make your case.

Currently this is what's on our list:
(But feel free to think outside the literal box below)

Youtube/Twitch content creators

Run a game review/playthrough channel? A variety stream? In JACA we're planning to feature references to actual people as the player views the real world rooms that surround PCs in the game itself. Got a cool background behind you in every stream or one your audience would love to see show up in-game? It won't cost either of us anything more than a few photos and some photoshop elbow grease. Example coming soon.

Social Media Representatives

Run a social media account for related content? We're eager to connect with and promote similar entities and look forward to curating a company feed from before our first launch and indefinitely into the future. Our brand's identity will be consistent in highlighting complex human narratives without subtracting from gameplay but there are many qualities or values you might share with us. If you've found your way here and need more info, take a peek at our About page or feel free to ask us any questions directly. Want to help run our accounts? We have a pipeline/routine down but it's currently being run by us developers; Any expertise, experience and interest would be welcome to solicit interest.

Reddit/Discord Moderators

Have experience moderating forums? Reddit? Other public material? We want to run an informative, engaging and welcoming community on Discord. We're currently in the early stages of integrating all of our plans (marketing, early access materials, event scheduling etc.) for the channel and its users and are looking to get a head start on making sure we're curating content to keep our members safe, happy and excited in their participation.

Seeing an opportunity for mutual benefit? Just want to help out?

Collaborator Application



Thanks for submitting!

Youtube/Twitch content creators

Social Media Representatives


Reddit/Discord Moderators

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