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What are we building here at Fragless?

The common goal for our catalogue is to capture and convey intricate human experiences in new and unique ways using video games.

An integrated creative and design structure allow for the product to maintain familiar gameplay focus and quality while prioritizing a meaningful story and/or simulation of human dilemmas.



Establish Team and Brand

  • Flexible scope across all disciplines

  • Low technical/optimization requirements

  • Showcases company-themed traits

  • Unique multi-genre/dual-control scheme



Test and Improve Technique

  • Demonstrates appeal to a different type of audience

  • Prioritizes specific, key design concepts (learning curve)

  • Flashy, unique narrative-encompassing genre



Maximize Capacity and Performance

  • Challenge large, familiar target audience

  • Increase value of production quality to product

  • Ambitious success metrics

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