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What is Fragless Designs?

The first point to understand is that behind most of the problems stated previously is one key roadblock: Understanding how creative process works.

The Plan

Problem: Stability

Despite its creative promise, the average career length in game development remains short with job instability, overtime and a business-model focus representing a few of many  detracting factors to this line of work.

15 years experience across most platforms and project sizes has helped us develop an integrated approach to creating a tenable game development ecosystem on all fronts.

The Goal

To be clear we define sustainability as follows:

  1. Projects follow a consistent, specific structure from pre-production to post planned well out in advance.

  2. The work to be done on each project meets Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose standards for all team members.

  3. The products generate sufficient income to live comfortably for the whole team (industry standard wages or better).

Mission: A reward in itself

Each carefully planned, wholly unique product vision entails a new set of distinct challenges; The stage is set for team members to autonomously create and manage their own solutions. As the games themselves also seek to impart players with meaningful substance beyond a simple pastime, our overall objective is for the team to be motivated and rewarded intrinsically alongside financial comfort and renewability.

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