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Backers and supporters still benefit mean time

Oscar development postponed

       For a multitude of reasons Oscar's development has unfortunately been postponed. While obstacles are still being resolved and Oscar is slated to be completed in the future, over 80% of Kickstarter funding has since been returned to backers. As more funds become available and we track down remaining contributors, the goal is to reach 100% within the next year or so. Additionally, all current and future Fragless products will be provided for free to all who backed Oscar's Kickstarter campaign.

       If you are a backer that hasn't been contacted/compensated for your Kickstarter contribution, please e-mail us your Kickstarter and Steam ID so we can both give your account lifetime permission to all Fragless products and steam value equivalent to your original pledge.

      While we have been radio silent in regards to the situation for complex and serious reasons, it's never been the intent to act in bad faith; The goal to create meaningful games that deal with complex issues faced by today's society has been our priority all of this time and we're relieved to finally be in a position to achieve this much more reliably than almost 10 years ago.

      Thank you for your patience and we hope our upcoming games show you what we've been trying to achieve all these years.
- Josh
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