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NES Experiment #1: No rules

First we need to get comfortable with the sampler.

There are a few NES-type packages available but the closest, most authentic one seems to be Matt Montag's NES VST

Test #1: Mystery

To my understanding, NES technology limited music to 4 simultaneous sounds at once giving composers a very limited set of options. With constraints comes creativity though; many strong melodies and catchy rhythms have lived long past the life of the console. Certain composers used musical techniques to feign more than 4 instruments simultaneously. For the first test we'll be ignoring the 4 sound rule and looking instead at what will be asked of us for the game.

We know JACA will contain main human characters whose lives we follow; It's partly on the soundtrack to help set the mood: Is this person young or old? Funny or serious? Smart or dumb? Are they a good guy or a bad guy?

I tried a quick take on mystery - I've been told it might not always be clear right away when you meet a story character and their desktop environment if you should be cheering for them or not. After all, in a world where personal data is curated by AI with no risks we might run into some very secretive and/or guilty people.

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