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NES Experiment #3: Relaxing chiptunes?

The second experiment seemed pretty successful; It felt a good bit like what you'd hear in a typically engaging action NES game. As our goal is to set the table and make ourselves comfortable within the boundaries the game will require, I figure I'd try my hand at the other end of the emotional spectrum: relaxation.

JACA is likely to span many emotions and is meant to be a comfortable game for those spending a lot of their lives immersed in interactive media. The game won't always be intense and many moments, characters and backgrounds are intended to give off an easy-going, sustainable feeling. This seems like it might be tougher to pull off with the sounds of an NES; Doing some preliminary research on Youtube there aren't a lot of relaxing tracks relative to what most soundscapes can provide. Oh well, I gave it my best first shot:

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