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          We're always looking to connect, communicate with and promote individuals, groups, events and platforms with similar goals and interests. Feel free to contact us directly or interact with us on any of our regularly-used channels below.

This week's highlights (Aug. 9th)


Venice 2089

A story-driven game with creative artstyle to burn taking place in one of the coolest cities in the world


I doesn't exist

A unique, atmospheric story game we recently checked out on Every game needs an instructive mushroom!

Short Hike_edited.jpg

A Short Hike

A nice blend of gameplay and story elements kept up thoroughly engaged with this multi-platform success story.

full indie.jpeg

Full Indie

A Vancouver-located, monthly meetup for those interested in independent development. Going strong since 2010!



An ambient, relaxing, non-violent game we enjoyed on 

grand story_edited.jpg

Grand Story

A unique game that is equal parts frustrating and insightful as you deal with the realistic struggles of a senior citizen living out their daily routine. 

It touches on the real life importance of communication between family. 

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